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And we're off...

...we've got some remainder 2015 jobs coming in slowly from the back of the field, while a few new projects make their way to the front of the schedule full of new year energy. Out of the blue a large project bolts in that threatens to push everyone aside but the skill of the handler works it begrudgingly into line with the the front-runners. Ooh, but here comes a slower 2015 job getting a bit of new year momentum and off we go! He is heading to the finish line, determined to start the year on the front foot. And he's passing the fresher projects, leaving the bulky newbie in its wake. And its onto the straight, its way out in front bolstered by the 99% of work done before Dec 31 and its made it! Across the line as the first job finalised in 2016. What a finish, what a race. Next!!

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