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I can't stand up for falling down...

I have this fabulous stand up desk. Really. Its fabulous. I didn't think I could stand up and design and take phone calls and sketch out ideas and drink tea and dunk a biscuit in said tea whilst standing. I extol its virtues. And my back has loved me ever since. We hunch all day over our electronic devices, held in its evil thrall, a vassal to its call (I just looked those words up). Standing is the new green tea. The new goji berry. The new cross-fit...too far? But the reality is I have the propensity to stretch more when I stand, and the term 'thinking on my feet' has never rung so true. Add a few yoga classes a week and a magic Chiropractor (Total Balance Chiropractic) every now and then and you'll be a convert. Try it. Stand up desks are fabulous.

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