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Thank you!

On March 29, WATCH held a movie night to raise funds for school uniforms for 150 children at The Centres for the Social Protection of Children Vung Tau, Vietnam. Over 200 people attended and we played games like quoits (I know, right?) and pick-a-card and we held a silent auction for some spectacular hand-made Christmas items (and who doesn't like Christmas..?) and there was nibbles and lots of laughter and fun. Top this off with overwhelming donations from The Lions Club, Warners Bay, Darren Mathewson and Nick Hatherly, not to mention many other family donations, we raised a bountiful AUD$6,000!!

So, not only did we give 150 underprivileged, poor and orphaned children school uniforms but we had enough to fund new bed sheets, new mattresses and uniforms for the staff as well. Are you guys great OR WHAT!!?? So rest easy that all your hard work was worth it, and give yourselves big hugs and lots of smiles from the children at the Centres, Vung Tau.

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