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The Emporer's Old Clothes

I have seen many young start-ups throughout my time as a designer become successful, wealthy entrepreneurs through hard work, innate talent and well-informed choices. But it wasn't JUST these things that created the Jobs, Branson or Zuckerberg empires you see today. Design was an integral part of their success. Image if Apple had stuck with their original apple tree logo. Facebook never revised the shape of their font. Or Virgin never strayed from their double-headed femme-fatale. Besides losing their crucial, and continuously evolving youth market, they'd look old and out-dated right?

This same theory applies to any small business that has had a successful run of 10, 20- or 30 years under the same banner. Old Mr Japan (410ad) shown here, would look pretty silly walking down your main street right about now. So how does your business's image look in your street...right now? Is it saying 'fresh', 'professional', 'friendly', 'state-of-the-art, technologically savvy', even 'ahead-of-my-time'. Or is it time you invested in some 'new clothes' for your business to visually bring it into the 21st Century and give you and your staff a blazing vision for the future?

Click here to say yes. Your clients will love you for it.

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