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July 29, 2016

I have seen many young start-ups throughout my time as a designer become successful, wealthy entrepreneurs through hard work, innate talent and well-informed choices. But it wasn't JUST these things that created the Jobs, Branson or Zuckerberg empires you see today. Design was an integral part of their success. Image if Apple had stuck with their original apple tree logo. Facebook never revised the shape of their font. Or Virgin never strayed from their double-headed femme-fatale. Besides losing their crucial, and continuo...

April 28, 2016

On March 29, WATCH held a movie night to raise funds for school uniforms for 150 children at The Centres for the Social Protection of Children Vung Tau, Vietnam. Over 200 people attended and we played games like quoits (I know, right?) and pick-a-card and we held a silent auction for some spectacular hand-made Christmas items (and who doesn't like Christmas..?) and there was nibbles and lots of laughter and fun. Top this off with overwhelming donations from The Lions Club, Warners Bay, Darren Mathewson and Nick Hatherly, n...

February 22, 2016

Client: 'Hi! I'm wanting a logo designed for a business I'm opening up this coming March.'

Me: 'Great! So, what's the name of your business and what is it you do?'

Client: 'Its a tax and bookkeeping business and I don't have a name just yet. But I've been thinking I would probably want to incorporate a 'P' in the logo somewhere. And I don't really have any idea of a colour scheme but fish would be cool.'


February 2, 2016




I have this fabulous stand up desk. Really. Its fabulous. I didn't think I could stand up and design and take phone calls and sketch out ideas and drink tea and dunk a biscuit in said tea whilst standing. I extol its virtues. And my back has loved me ever since. We hunch all day over our electronic devices, held in its evil thrall, a vassal to its call (I just looked those words up). Standing is the new green tea. The new goji berry. The new cross-fit...too far? But the reality is I have the propensity to stretch more w...

January 25, 2016


Oh, its so comforting to get something new, something bright and shiny, something that is just 'you'. You put it right up there, for all to see. You stand back with your hands on your hips and a smile on your face. And something inside you says 'yes'.  You nod agreeably with yourself and, chuffed about it all, walk away and get on with your day. But your feet can't help but do a little run on the spot sending bubbles of fun-stuff up through your body. Life is giggly, yes?




January 25, 2016


...we've got some remainder 2015 jobs coming in slowly from the back of the field, while a few new projects make their way to the front of the schedule full of new year energy. Out of the blue a large project bolts in that threatens to push everyone aside but the skill of the handler works it begrudgingly into line with the the front-runners. Ooh, but here comes a slower 2015 job getting a bit of new year momentum and off we go! He is heading to the finish line, determined to start the year on the front foot. And he's pas...

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