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Small Business Collection

Sometimes it's not all about a full brand development, a rebrand or huge changes for a business. Sometimes you just need to refresh your identity for a new emerging market, or bring your brand-look into the 21st Century. Below are a few start-ups, long-term businesses and progressive thinkers I have had the pleasure to meet, listen to their stories and assist in their next step forward. Small business has BIG plans.

Creative Direction. Brand Establishment. Logo Design or Update. Business Card Design. Promotional Design.

Inner Glow Skin Clinic, Charlestown
Dr Malcolm Godfrey - Gyn/Ob
The Business Habitat
Dr Ralph Stanford
Lynch's Hub
Gray&Co Lawyers
Pfeiffer Property
Jerry Knight Hypnotherapist
Mind & Body Movement
FJNOW Pest & Building
Fifth Level Training
Jecs Cleaning Services
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