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We do more than just great Graphic Design

Teto Creative is very proud and honoured to be a long term supporter of The Centres for the Social Protection of Children, Long Hai, Vietnam. We dedicate annual leave and spare time either as a volunteer at the Centres in Long Hai or fundraising via select WATCH events throughout the year. I am particularly proud our fundraising efforts and promoting awareness have spurred many others across the country to organise their own fundraising events and also volunteer for the beautiful children at this caring, loving and legitimate orphanage Centre in Vietnam.


As Teto Creative grows so do our opportunities to make a difference. Through our organisation, WATCH, we not only give monetarily but we give our spare time and annual leave to fundraise, visit and volunteer whenever we can.

WE DID IT! And we raised enough money for not just 150 school uniforms but for new bedsheets, mattresses and staff unifoms as well. My Huong Le, Director of the centres sent this to me in an email:


"Our children have already started making the school uniforms. The bed sheets were also made and the mattresses for Long Hai centre will arrive on Monday. The mattresses for Vung Tau centre arrived last Wednesday. The children are so happy to sleep on their new mattresses."


Excellent result and thank you to everyone for their generosity, their time and their love. 


You will find more in our Snippets.

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